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IELTS exam and details of exam stream

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IELTS exam and details

The full name of IELTS is the International English Language Testing System.

IELTS is divided into two-part, The first one is the Academic test and the second is the General test.


IELTS Academic test means!

  • If you want to go outside of your current country to study, you need to take an academic IELTS test.
  • here, you need IELTS' score normally 6 and 6.5 above overall, each module not less than 6 and it also depends on choose country, I will explain it below well.


IELTS General Test means!

  • If you want to go outdoor in your country, not to study, in this case, you need to take the IELTS general test.
  • here, you need IELTS' score composure 8 and above. each module not less than 7.


Why IELTS is required?

IELTS is only required for student visa of any countries. Here IELTS is not only one way to get a student visa, but you can also get it by PTE (Pearson Tests of English), GRE (Graduate Record Examinations), TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), and many more exams.

However, many countries give you a student visa without any test exam. (Germany, UK(In some city), Europe, UEA, Norway, Holland, India, Malaysia).


What is the stream of the IELTS exam?

Normally IELTS exam is dived into four-part, such as listening, reading, speaking, and writing.

Those all modules' results are counting under 1 to 9 band for each one. To illustrate, the speaking test result will be counted under 1 to 9 band, the same as for other modules.

So here obviously, people have many questions behind the limitation of max and min band score. How we can decide it well?

  • Need to check regularly change of a particular country band score.


Nowadays, the score for Diploma and Postgraduate is different for different countries and colleges, universities.

  • Canada needs 6.5 and above for normal collages and universities. *note: Overall (6.5), Each has 6 above.
  • Australia needs 5.5 to 6 for any collages and universities. *note: Overall(5.5 or 6), Each has 5 above. ( In Australia, you can go also base on PTE Exam result and is the result you need 6 or above compulsory.)
  • New Zealand needs the same as the Australia band score table. ( In New Zealand, you can go also base on PTE Exam result and is the result you need 6 or above compulsory.)


Exam schedule as per time and raking.

  • Listening: 40 Minutes
  • Writing: 60 Minutes (1 Hour)
  • Reading: 60 Minutes (1 Hour)
  • Speaking: 12-15 Minutes

Exam date flow is that the Speaking test occurs at one specific date and rest of things another specific date.

Mostly Speaking test date, after or before 3 days from LRW(Listening, Reading, Writing) test.


The current most popular countries for a student visa and why?

The most popular are Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and recently the UK is under this list because of UK government announced that student visa policy becomes easy for international students and it seems sightly easy.


Why do most people like to go to Canada to study?

Here reason is too many.

  1. It will give to your Canadian Green Card within 2 to 3 years after complete the study. (it's a plus point for future residency)
  2. It located near the border of the USA, so people can get well-done jobs easily and after Green Card, they can shift there.
  3. It is nearly cheaper than the other best and top growing countries.
  4. Nowadays, Canada has been becoming the topmost growing country in the world.


Australia and New Zealand are almost high-cost countries as compare to Canada.

Why some people choose Australia and New Zealand to do their studies?

  1. It Realy high-cost countries for a student, as the other most popular countries, therefore mostly go there who comes from a wealthy family.
  2. After graduation, you are cannot be sure about your Green Card in Australia or New Zealand. (90% of residency is not possible)


Why many students like Germany to study?

Germany is an amazing country to study in.

  1. Their education cost is nearly none that is the biggest point.
  2. You can get a job easily, but their german language is mandatory, so you will need to learn before the plan of Germany study.
  3. Permanent residency is not sure.


You can see the video to understand better IELTS stream.


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